The High Country Home Builders Association is an association of general contractors and construction trades that seek to stay on top of important developments and updates in North Carolina Building Codes and other related related laws and regulations. This month, Capua Law Firm was invited to speak on construction law and risk management topics. Among other things, the presentation highlighted the importance of contract management and documentation as part of a contractor’s sound risk management plan. The presentation was followed by an open floor discussion during which members debated the pros and cons of arbitration and other forms of alternative disputes resolution, and explored in further detail the Spearin Doctrine, indemnity clauses, and the true meaning of ‘workmanlike performance’. The HCHBA meets every month at their event space in Boone, North Carolina. For further coverage of this event, please see the article released by High Country Press. For more information on Capua Law Firm’s seminars, please visit our Seminar and News pages.