We are thrilled to announce our founding attorney, Paul Capua has recently received an appointment to the Board of Continuing Legal Education with the North Carolina State Bar Association.

Beginning in 1985, the NC State Bar Association concluded that continued education with a focus on improved lawyer competency would benefit both the public and the attorney. In response to this, the North Carolina State Bar required all active members complete two hours of ethics/professionalism and ten hours of general credit each year. In 2001, lawyers were also required to complete one hour of substance abuse/mental health awareness once every three years.

In the past 25 years, mandatory CLE has become the norm for North Carolina lawyers. North Carolina lawyers take an average of 15 hours of CLE each year. There are more than 6,500 CLE sponsors who offer programs to North Carolina lawyers in diverse areas of legal practice. The CLE department at the State Bar consists of several staff members under the CLE director. “I am honored to be working alongside my colleagues as a member of the Board of Continuing Legal Education and look forward to the coming year with the North Carolina State Bar,” remarks Paul Capua, newest member to this committee.

The staff is responsible for maintaining the CLE records for all active members of the North Carolina State Bar as well as reviewing more than 17,000 courses for accreditation each year. Please join us in congratulating him on this appointment!